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63 year old lady in tears. Stories the government don’t like to tell you. Read More

Martin’s already lost almost everything – he voted leave to spread the pain Read More

Request For Evidence – PIP: Mobility Criterion Read More

While politicians amuse themselves, austerity continues rampant, etc… Read More

Man who had benefits stopped illegally gets DWP refund – and now others could make a claim Read More

BURIED: UN slams Tories over UK human rights abuses. Read More

UN Committee expresses concerns in UK Rights report. Read More

Rising demand forces Worcester foodbank to swap its increasingly cramped premises for a much larger warehouse. Read More

Poverty-stricken UK families becoming even poorer, say poverty campaigners. Read More

170 tenants evicted EVERY DAY in England and Wales, a horrid record, AND councils tax their benefit incomes. Read More

Tomlinson faces call to resign over PIP harassment of child abuse survivor. Read More

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16/4/16 “Apparently I’ve Lived Too Long For The DWP”

15/4/16 DWP 'punishing the working poor' with new sanctions in Universal Credit system

15/4/16 Mother who faced bedroom tax eviction after son’s suicide found hanged with note to David Cameron

15/4/16 Food bank use hits another record high

15/4/16 Conscript Carers

14/4/16 Lesley Riddoch: The reality of the DWP’s horrific sanctions regime

14/4/16 Tribunal rules DWP must release information from secret benefit deaths reviews

14/4/16 Unicef criticises UK's failure to tackle child inequality as gap grows

14/4/16 Disability Assessors Must Be Properly Trained Says BPS Following Monday’s Dispatches Programme

13/4/16 Legal aid cuts so bad that Salford law students to offer free help in benefits cases

13/4/16 Lords limit ministers' powers on council house sales

*28/3/16 (*Rec. 12th April) Government spends £100,000 on lawyers to defend the bedroom tax

11/4/16 Sanctioned For Being In A Coma

10/4/16 Low paid working families to be hit with another UC hammer blow.

10/4/16 Devastating Tory NHS mental health budget cuts mean there are days when NO beds are available.

10/4/16 I get more than just a little bit pissed off when I hear of multi millionaires bleating about privacy laws

7/4/16 ‘Serious failings’ in disability assessments, despite payments of £500 million a year

7/4/16 Equality watchdog to mirror UN inquiry into DWP’s rights violations

7/4/16 One in two people with mental health problems have felt suicidal because of money, housing or benefits issues

6/4/16 The benefit change that could put 330,000 families on the street

6/4/16 Thousands of disabled claimants wrongly barred from Personal Independence Payments

6/4/16 Paralympics hopeful Carly Tait: ‘My lifeline is being taken away’

6/4/16 George Osborne’s Working-Age Benefit Freeze Comes In Today, Here’s Four Groups Affected

4/4/16 Stephen Crabb Wants To Sack Private Sector Disability Assessment Firms

4/4/16 UK Government's housing policy targeting homeless families is 'tantamount to social cleansing’


31/3/16 Woman had benefits stopped while she was in a coma

31/3/16 Even when you die they still don’t give a monkeys about you.

31/3/16 'Serious failings' in disability benefits assessment system

31/3/16 Exclusive: Success rate for claiming disability benefit falls a quarter in just one year

29/3/16 Think the disability benefits overhaul is justified? You need to see this. video of my daughter being assessed.

29/3/16 The embarrassing reason the DWP won’t get the sick and disabled back to work

29/3/16 Benefit cuts hit 300,000 of the poorest households with hefty council tax hikes

29/3/16 New pension rules will see 6 million workers lose up to £37 a month

29/3/16 Tory cuts leave poverty-stricken children too hungry to learn

28/3/16 Money to be given to the rich is exactly what was to be taken from the disabled.

28/3/16 More than six million workers to be stripped of take-home pay under stealth tax raid.

28/3/16 Universal Credit : In work, part time claimants sanctioned for taking holidays and …… for working!

25/3/16 Homeless children dying from neglect and abuse after families moved out of their local areas

23/3/16 Figures prove Help to Work doesn’t help and doesn’t work

23/3/16 Billions of pounds of welfare cuts on way despite PIP U-turn

21/3/16 Disability benefits: 'It's a witch hunt against disabled people'

21/3/16 Reversed Disability cuts? The government has hardly scratched the surface.

21/3/16 It is simply no longer possible to be disabled and a Tory, says angry activist

17/3/16 Osborne clobbers low paid freelancers and deals fresh blow to women born in the 1950s in Budget 2016

16/3/16 Lifelong Tory activist quits party over Osborne budget and sabotages website

14/3/16 The 200 landlords making £1m a year from housing benefits: Documentary shows some are exploiting hand-outs while forcing tenants to live in dangerous accommodation.

13/3/16 Dying woman returns from honeymoon to be told her vital mobility car is being taken away

12/3/16 Government Cuts Benefits to Reward Rich with Another Tax Cut

11/3/16 Partially sighted amputee told he no longer qualifies for disability benefits

11/3/16 Shocking Announcement: Disability Benefits To Be Slashed For 640,000 People

9/3/16 Mother sanctioned for missing her jobcentre appointment because her son was in surgery to remove brain tumour.

9/3/16 “For Me, The ESA Cuts Mean The End Of Independence”

7/3/16 Maximus Whistleblower: Criteria Meant I Had To Diagnose Mental Health Patients As Well

5/3/16 Tory climbdown over pay-to-stay plan to raise social housing rents

5/3/16 More than a million Britons have been to see GPs over rent worries, says Shelter

3/3/16 Gateshead pensioners to be given food destined for landfill in bid to stop malnutrition in town


15/2/16 Has the penny finally dropped? Or is this just more madwash? The Mental Health Taskforce report.

15/2/16 Terminally Ill Man Left ‘Totally Broken’ By DLA-PIP Transfer.

12/2/16 250 evictions per day: 2015 saw record number of home repossessions.

11/2/16 An office full of nurses and no antiseptic wipe.

11/2/16 Compliance interview (Sick person victimised - "The police have accepted this as a hate crime").

11/2/16 Phil Brehaut has Parkinson’s. Threatening to cut his benefits won’t help him back to work.

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